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Sandy Paws Candles

Rhode Island Lover - Latimer Lighthouse

Rhode Island Lover - Latimer Lighthouse

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Latimer Reef Lighthouse is located in the Fishers Island Sound.  As early as 1800 there was an iron spindle serving as a navigational marker on Latimer Reef. This marker was replaced by a buoy, then finally by the lighthouse in 1884. The Eel Grass Shoal Lightship, about 0.8 miles away, also helped mark the reef for 35 years before the lighthouse was built. Photo credit: me.

I use use USA grown all natural soy wax. My candles are dye free, and contain phthalate-free fragrance oils, finished with pure cotton wicks. The soy wax burn very cleanly.

All candle ingredients are non-toxic, paraffin-free and save for that pet- friendly home!!

Because the candles are made to order, I recommend when receiving your candle, not to light for 5-7 days to allow for a better fragrance throw.

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